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Our local MP, Dr Neil Hudson, confirms his support for Community Pub

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Re: The Mardale Inn, Bampton

"I am writing in support for the Bampton Valley residents and the purchase of the Mardale Inn based in Bampton.

The villages of Bampton, Bampton Grange, Butterwick, Burnbanks, Knipe and Rosgill lie towards the south western edge of my constituency, Penrith & Borders. They occupy a quiet farming valley and while the landscape is stunning, the area exhibits many of the rural challenges typical of the region.

Over the last five years, the area has sadly lost both the 'Crown and Mitre Inn' and 'The Mardale Inn' as pubs open to non-residents. The permanent closure of village pubs has long lasting, negative effects on communities such as community cohesion, social isolation, income from tourism and local employment. As local amenities are lost, so are the full-time local residents which then has an impact of the survival of other businesses in the area.

Bampton Valley residents have now taken up the mission to save and restore ’The Mardale Inn’ on a community ownership basis. There is a high degree of local belief in the project but the financial and logistical challenges to pull off the purchase and restoration are not underestimated.

I am firmly in favour of community led initiatives and will be actively supporting Bampton Valley Community Pub team."


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