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Counting down to ‘Save a Pub for the Valley’

It’s just two weeks to go to the Share Launch for Bampton Valley Community Pub!

Make sure that February 2nd at 7PM is in your calendar - to meet at Bampton Memorial Hall or to join us online. The Hall Bar will be open at 6.45PM to relax with a drink for the 60+ minutes of summary of the offer and an opportunity for questions.


That meeting on February 2nd will be the start of the race to raise £360,000+ in a month. It will be our ‘one-off’ opportunity to 'Save a Pub for the Valley' by restoring 'The Mardale' as a community owned pub for the long term benefit of Valley residents and our visitors.

The Share Prospectus and Business Plans have been externally reviewed and awarded a ‘Community Shares Standard Mark’ (this is the proof that it is ‘a clear, honest and transparent document that you can make an informed decision against’) and all relevant documents are now online to review at

For cost and green reasons, we are not printing a large number of the Prospectus - but will be very pleased to get physical copies to people who prefer that. Let us know if you or a friend would like one by sending an email with appropriate mailing address to or by calling us on 01931 338754. 

Converting your interest to some level of investment in a timely manner in February 2022 is hugely important to the project. We are applying to a number of Grant providers who ‘match fund’ based on actual investments made by communities. We need to get to our funding foundation as quickly as possible in early February and we will appreciate you maximising your investment as best as you are able.

Finally, we have just released the second of our ‘Mardale and W....’ blogs. This newest one, ‘Mardale…. and Wainwright’ talks about Alfred Wainwright, the renowned British fellwalker, writer and illustrator, and his travels to Mardale as well as his changing sentiment about the valley. Enjoy and please share with friends who may be interested. 

We look forward to seeing as many of you in person or online on February 2nd at 7PM. In the meantime, please start reviewing the Share Offer at, let us know if you have any immediate questions and also if you know anyone who would like a printed copy of the Prospectus.

The BVCP Team (Catherine, India, Kate, Ken, Patrick, Peter, Phil, Rich, Sue, Wendy)

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